Heidi Mitchell

Heidi is an Associate and member of the operations and project management teams for Aqueduct, based in Los Angeles. She has over twenty years of experience in marketing, sales and project management. Heidi began her career at Classroom Connect, Inc., a national company offering professional development programs and online instructional materials to K-12 school districts in the United States. During her tenure there as a Regional Marketing Manager, she successfully developed partnership programs with several notable groups and directed several effective PR campaigns.  Heidi holds a BA in Interior Design and 3-Dimensional Art from California State University Northridge.


We are an alternative asset placement business focused on combining best in class investment talent with exclusive, sophisticated pools of capital.

The Firm

Aqueduct Capital Group, LLC. is a registered broker dealer founded in 2006 designed to represent a select number of industry leading alternatives fund managers. Our bespoke distribution strategy provides managers effective outsourcing of their business development and fundraising endeavors, and allows for significant asset growth and deeper relationships with a broad array of diverse investors.

The Strategy

Our approach brings fund managers and investors together in a selective manner characterized by unique access. Our team delivers notable expertise to managers at various stages of their capital-raising cycles and plays an integral role in expanding their investor base within our differentiated network of limited partner clients.

The Team

Aqueduct's partners Frank Edwards, Steve Lessing and Pawan Chaturvedi have a collective 60 years of experience raising and investing capital. They are considered trusted advisors to many world class investors and some of the most sophisticated institutions globally. They are assisted by a talented team of distribution, marketing and client services professionals in their ongoing endeavor to build the premier capital raising organization in the industry.